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At an OC Bar Association seminar in June 2019 Cal. Supreme Court Justice Ming Chin spoke for an hour, his honorarium of course provided each year by the Rutter Group-voluntary disclosed by Justice Chin.


Hon. Chin spent the first 20  minutes of his OCBA session on "employment law updates" telling us that he had much, much  good news.

We thought we would hear about employment law cases from the Supreme Court...but no the good news  Justice Ming spoke of was the apparently wonderful news that Justice Chin's son,  a Stanford Graduate,  was just appointed by Joshua Groban to the Superior court of Alameda.


Justice Chin also proudly announced that his son (Jason Chin) was a Stanford graduate, as of course was Joshua Groban.


Then, Justice Chin shared with the audience the good news that his son and daughter were both Stanford graduates, of course.

Finally, Justice Chin gave the group the best news that he had which was that after a year the 9th position on the Cal. Supreme Court was just filled by his good friend and Joshua Groban, who was so named  to the high court.


Justice Chin also reflected on what he perceived as a most fortuitous delay in Joshua Groban taking the  Supreme Court vacancy, because but not for the delay, Joshua Groban would not have time to finish his "homework" as Justice Chin remarked. He also reaffirmed that the important "homework" was that Justice Chin's son had to first be appointed by his fried Mr. Groban, and it was very important that his son's Sup Court appointment was fait compli before leaving his position. 


This takes Stanford corruption and nepotism to a whole different level.

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