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Stanford fails to disclose known conflicts of interests in courts. Many Stanford defendant cases are adjudicated before judges with patent Stanford interests, without any disclosure by Stanford or the judges. 


For example, Judge Lucy Koh, a Federal Court Judge in Santa Clara, is married to California Supreme Court Justice and former Stanford law professor Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar

There is an un-disclosed  conflict  of interest as to both judges which impacts cases in both courts with any Stanford Defendants.  

Santa Clara Judge Zayner has bequeathed  his and his wife's estate to Stanford, and Alameda Judge James Reilly continues to hear Stanford cases without disclosing that he has been on sponsored  duck trips and a partner at Gordon and Reese, who were representing Stanford in live cases.   (RG-17887051)

 Stanford has demonstrated patterns of healthcare billing and fraud through its manipulation of its EPIC electronic medical  records system which it implemented in 2008. Accordingly, cases including the 2020 lawsuit filed by the Wonderful Company in Los Angles Superior Court  further reflects Stanford's conduct patterns in healthcare upcoding and price gouging.  

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